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How to make swing smooth?

If you are having difficulty with how to bring the club up to start the swing more smoothly and rhythmically, learn the following tips.

A common mistake when swing is that the wrist suddenly lifts the club, causing the swing to be out of rhythm and unbalanced. Meanwhile, modern drivers are designed to be lighter making it more difficult to feel these two factors in the swing.

You can try the following exercises to feel like your swings are more even:

1- Practice swinging with the driver still leaving the club head cover intact. The weight of the club head cover will help you feel the weight of the club head and lift the club without jerking. Do the full swing at least 20 times to get the right feel.

2- Hold 3 iron clubs together and swing. Similar to the above exercise, feeling a different weight than usual will help you be more rhythmic and improve your hitting power and balance.

3- Ask someone to use the end of the stick to lightly block your stick when taking away. This exercise is very useful for the coach to help you move the right muscles when lifting the club.

4- Finally, you place an object behind the club head when setting up and push it to the right at the beginning of the takeaway. After pushing this object aside , you continue to raise the stick and hit it down normally.


The exercises above that add weight and resistance will help you improve your takeaway and ultimately your overall swing. Try these exercises and choose the most suitable one for yourself.

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