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Com – A Hanoi typical delicacy

Com is Hanoi typical delicacy

Com – a typical delicacy of Hanoi, made from fragrant young sticky rice. Yellow flower sticky rice is often favored to create Com with the most authentic flavor. Besides, you can use many other types of sticky rice such as fragrant sticky rice, flower sticky rice, phoenix sticky rice,…

Each soft grain of Com has a cool colostrum taste and a unique aroma and must go through many careful processing steps to create the perfect batch of green rice. After roasting, sticky rice will be pounded and winnowed to remove the husk, then cooked with green rice leaf juice.

Hanoi’s fresh green rice usually has a characteristic green color with a hint of yellow. Com is often wrapped outside with lotus leaves, creating a gentle, faint fragrance when combined with the aroma of rice grains.

Hanoi delicacy

There are many different types of Hanoi green rice, the way to eat and prepare green rice will also be different:

Early season green rice: This type of green rice is made from young sticky rice at the beginning of the season, with soft, thin and flexible grains. This type of nuggets is suitable for vegetarians or can be eaten with bananas.
Mid-season green rice: This type of green rice is often used to make fried green rice.
Late-season nuggets: Late-season nuggets have quite thick and large seeds, and are slightly harder to eat than other types. This type of green rice is often used to make sticky rice or to make sweet soup.

Com season in Hanoi usually starts from the 7th lunar month and lasts for about 3 months. This is also the time when the weather gradually turns to autumn, bringing with it a cool and pleasant atmosphere, very suitable for enjoying the typical flavor of Hanoi green rice.

How to preserve Hanoi green rice

To preserve fresh green rice for a long time, you should put the green rice in a zip bag and use vacuum to completely remove the air inside. Thus, you will prolong the preservation time of green rice.
You should take just the right amount of granules to use, to avoid air or bacteria from entering. Store in the freezer. When using, leave in the refrigerator for 1 night and then defrost.

Com-Hanoi delicacy

Tips for choosing Hanoi green rice:

– You should buy green rice grains that are firm, flat, thin, soft, chewy and have a cool and nutty taste.
– To choose fresh batches of green rice, you should buy green rice early in the morning.
– Do not choose to buy green or yellow green rice, instead buy young green rice.
– Com is not simply a Hanoi delicacy , but also a symbol of the preciousness and quintessence of Vietnamese culinary culture. Each grain of green rice carries a typical flavor of Hanoi’s autumn. Enjoy Hanoi green rice and feel the magic it brings.

💥 Suggested activities for a day:

✅ Tour guide will pick you up at your hotel
✅ Visit the Com production facility, learn about Com
✅ Enjoy the taste of Com, a delicacy of Hanoi
✅ Visit Son Tay Citadel, more than 1000 years old
✅ Visit Duong Lam ancient village built with laterite
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