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5 tips to help golfers avoid ‘heat stroke’ when playing golf in hot weather !

  1. Avoid dehydration
    Water is very important for the human body under any circumstances. So don’t wait until you’re thirsty to start drinking water. To prevent this, golfers can drink water before going to the course, and take small sips as they go through each hole.
  2. Use sunscreen
    Some golfers often do not pay attention to sun protection every time they go out. This is extremely dangerous because competition often requires players to stay outside for a long time, especially at noon, increasing the risk of skin damage. Worst of all, players can suffer many persistent harm if they develop skin cancer.
    That’s why applying sunscreen is essential because it can help prevent harmful UV rays. For best results, you need to use the cream about 15-20 minutes before going out on the field and reapply while playing if you stay in the sun for too long.
  3. Wear a hat
    Hats are considered an indispensable item for golfers because they can help protect the face and neck from the sun. Besides, wearing a hat will help players feel more comfortable. A wide-brimmed hat will work, but a baseball cap is enough to shield the body from the sun and be fashionable.
    In addition, clothing should be of UV-resistant fabric to increase effectiveness in protecting players from high-intensity sunlight.
  4. Avoid heat by all means
    If you feel the weather is too harsh, try to avoid the sun and reduce your body temperature by any means possible if possible. For example, a wet towel will be effective in avoiding unexpected heat. Just by wrapping a wet towel around the neck, the player’s body temperature will quickly decrease and stay at a normal level.
  5. Choose reasonable playtime
    If possible, avoid high temperature hours of the day, usually around 12 noon to 4 pm. Going to the golf course to play early in the morning often brings many benefits such as pleasant weather, few players and the ground has not been damaged much by temperature or you can play in the evening at golf courses with night lights.
    Of course, on a hot day, playing golf in the morning is quite uncomfortable, but nonetheless it is better than competing in weather conditions that can reach over 40 degrees.
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