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Experience Thai culture in Mai Chau valley

Only 130km from the center of Hanoi, Mai Chau is a great destination for those who love nature and want to discover unique cultural features. Coming to Mai Chau at any time of the year, you will also feel beautiful with soft green rice fields, or shiny golden ripe rice fields, sometimes wearing the white color of mustard flowers and buckwheat flowers. … Cycling to explore the peaceful Mai Chau valley is always a great experience for any visitor.

Mai Chau valley

Considered as the capital of the Thai ethnic group, Mai Chau has a distinctive culture. Lac village with its typical stilt house architecture, local markets selling local products, and learning how to weave brocade by indigenous people… always leave a beautiful impression in the hearts of visitors.

Lac village

With 2-day Mai Chau experience tour, you will visit the most outstanding spots such as:

  • Thung Khe Pass, where you can see the whole peaceful valley
  • Lac village is the capital of the Thai people, experience sleeping on stilts house, enjoy Thai specialties, visit and learn how to embroider and weave traditional costumes.
  • Enjoy Can wine and communicate in the evening
  • Visit caves, experience waterfall bathing
  • Explore Mai Chau by bike…
    Surely you will have 2 days with meaningful experiences.
Cycling in Mai Chau valley
Mai Chau ripe rice field
Mai Chau in mustard flowers season

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