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Moc Chau graceful hill

Moc Chau essential

Each season, Moc Chau wears different clothes. Sometimes, the photos of green pastures stretching endlessly, the fields of white cabbage are so eye-catching, sometimes the pink strips of peaches, the pristine white gowns full of sap of plum blossoms … Before Tet and after lunar new year (around the end of January, to the end of February of the solar calendar): peach blossoms and white plum blossoms bloom in every corner of Moc Chau.
March is the time when the Northwest flowers bloom in the forest. Around March 26, the calendar has the End of the Year festival.
Around October to February of the solar calendar: white mustard flowers and wild anemones bloom. In mid-November is the time of full bloom of white mustard flowers, wild yellow anemones, iridescent flowers mixed with the red of poinsettia flowers on Moc Chau.
Around April to August of the solar calendar: Moc Chau’s climate is much cooler than Hanoi, there are no flowers but there are plums and peaches for you to pick (the harvest is in April to June).
At the beginning of September, there was a very big Independence Day, which attracted domestic and foreign Mong people to attend.
1.Five cave in On village
The Ban On Cave is a beautiful, imposing cave complex and a tourist attraction in Moc Chau. This place has a wild beauty, with a system of 5 caves deep in the mountains with beautiful shapes bestowed by nature itself. With its pristine natural beauty, Ngu Dong Bao On is increasingly an interesting destination for many lowland tourists.
Five caves in Ngu Dong Ban On are likened to the theory of the five elements Kim, Moc, Thuy, Thuy, Hoa, Tho and all have beautiful stalactite systems, crystallized over thousands of years to create many impressive shapes.
To get to Ngu Dong Ban On Street, visitors can go by many different means, follow the caravan or go by motorbike. But in any way, go to Moc Chau junction turn right to the farm, then continue 7 km to see the signposts on the five cave Ban On.
2- Pine forest at Ang village
Ang village in Dong Sang commune, Moc Chau district, Son La province has a cool and fresh plateau climate, with poetic and charming natural scenery. Ban Ang Lake is like a mirror reflecting the four seasons of spring, autumn and winter. Coming to Ban Ang pine forest, visitors can stroll along the lake, explore pine forests, camping in the nature to forget all the daily worries. Couples can rent a double bike to watch the sunset, or rent a duck boat to enjoy the cool breeze in the middle of the lake. The combination of modern and unspoilt will create interesting experiences for anyone who comes to this land.
3 – Waterfall strip Yap
Dai Yem waterfall (Nang waterfall, Ban Vet waterfall) belongs to Muong Sang commune, Moc Chau district, Son La province. Waterfall day and night white, noisy, not only gives visitors the excitement of a scene both mysterious and magnificent of the sky and sky, but also feels refreshing when immersed in the wind breeze cool water. Dai Yem waterfall is most beautiful in April to September every year, because at this time the amount of water pouring in, the whole 70m wide waterfall is a white water curtain, both majestic and poetic. From a distance, the waterfall looks like a “bib” between heaven and earth.
4. Heart tea hill
The way to heart tea Hill (about 15km northeast of Moc Chau town center) – from the town, follow To Hieu street and Le Thanh Nghi street – cross the 70 km market then turn left along the provincial road 104 – Go through Moc Chau Farm Town People’s Committee about 4km, then turn right about 1km to Heart Tea Hill (located on the road to Ngu Dong Ban On, and there are signs at this junction). Heart-shaped tea hill symbolizes vitality and love, is skillfully created by farmers and becomes an impressive destination for visitors from near and far.
5. Pha Luong Peak
Pha Luong mountain is about 30km from Moc Chau, located between the border of Vietnam and Laos. Although only at an altitude of nearly 2,000m, it is a challenging mountain, requiring endurance and courage for anyone who wants to conquer by the journey to the border post, the gathering point to start climbing , is the real challenge. At the same time, the path to the top of the mountain is very steep, different from other peaks in the north. Therefore, the process of climbing to the top takes 3-4 hours. Conquering Mount Pha Luong, you will be immersed in the sea of ​​fantasy clouds, breathe the wind and sky at an altitude of more than 2000m

What to Expect
  • Sightseeing beautiful nature scenery
  • Explore minority unique culture
  • Savor typical delicious

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