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Hotline/WhatsApp: (+84) 936 154 283

Phu Quoc island


Phu Quoc is also known as Ngoc Island, the largest island of our country in the Gulf of Thailand. Every year, it welcomes millions of domestic and foreign tourists by its pristine beauty, charm and very beautiful hotels.
Experiences in Phu Quoc should not be missed

1 – Immerse yourself in the cool water at Suoi Tranh
Camping with picturesque streams, an ideal picnic with space close to nature, plants, flowers and trees, watching the stream flowing murmuring through the rocks in Suoi Tranh is very reasonable. Surrounded by birds chirping chirping the scenery is so rustic. Suoi Tranh in Duong To Commune, Phu Quoc is an ideal camping site for young people. To reach the headwaters you must climb through rather slippery and steep cliffs. The best time to see the beautiful scenery is the rainy season when the stream is strong, the water rushing, the scenery is more majestic.
2 – Mysterious Bat cave – Phu Quoc
Discovering Bat Cave, For those who love to learn about the cave, the Bat Cave is an ideal destination when traveling to Phu Quoc. To have the opportunity to witness the Bats in the daytime hanging themselves upside down on the cave wall and sleep. When you are on a picnic at Suoi Tranh you should always come to Bat cave because it is very close to each other
3 – Historical vestige – Phu Quoc Prison
Phu Quoc Prison, The remnants of a land stained with the history of heroes, where communist soldiers were confined. The wartime is over, but that traumatic remains. Only when we come here to understand the freedom we have experienced blood and tears. Prison is the hell on earth that revolutionary soldiers have to face.
4 – Experience the simple life in Ham Ninh fishing village
Practicing as a fisherman at Ham Ninh Fishing Village located at the foot of Ham Ninh mountain, Ham Ninh commune, Phu Quoc district, Kien Giang is a tourist destination that tourists want to visit. People here mainly work as fishermen living on the sea, but they always feel fresh and peaceful.
5 – Discovering wild and charming Bai Sao beach
With smooth white sand, rippling sea, along the coast are rows of green trees soaring to the wind. Tourists will be fascinated in the quiet, peaceful space and close their eyes to dreaming and rest at the Phu Quoc beach.
6 – Bathing as you like at Dai beach
Not a long stretch of beach, Dai beach shows up with shiny golden sea sand, clear blue sea, silver water. One of the appropriate locations for visitors to immerse themselves in the wild nature of Phu Quoc Island.
7 – Go to Hon Thom to dive to see the coral
 According to Phu Quoc Island tourism experience without seeing colorful corals with many shapes in Phu Quoc waters, it is a great pity. And one of the places with beautiful coral reefs is Hon Thom Рthe ideal coral viewing spot for tourists. In addition, this place also see the aquaculture, pearl farming and pearl processing areas of Phu Quoc island district.
8 – Sea fishing, squid fishing at night
This is one of the outdoor activities that many visitors participate in when visiting Phu Quoc. In the morning, you will be experienced seafarers in Phu Quoc to place many fish gathering places for you to experience this activity.
And when night comes it’s time for you to participate in the night squid fishing. Visitors will be “transformed” into a fisherman and experience life floating at sea. The special thing about this activity is to enjoy the booty that I have collected right on the ship, a really interesting feeling.
9 – “Stir” amusement park Vinpearland – Phu Quoc
Vinpearland is considered the largest amusement park in Phu Quoc with countless games waiting for you to explore. Because of this, Vinpearland Phu Quoc always attracts a large number of visitors and is an entertainment spot not to be missed when coming to Ngoc Island. Promising to bring you an interesting and attractive vacation when you come to Vinpearland.


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