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Ma Pi Leng pass and Nho Que river

Ma Pi Leng pass & Nho Que essential

Conquer Nho Que, the most unique deep alley in Vietnam
The narrow roads, precarious, rocky cat ears so that each turning, hugging makes the most stable drivers also have to hold their breath, back to Ha Giang to experience this feeling in journey, the process of conquering Nho Que river.
Standing on the top of the majestic Ma Pi Leng pass, looking down the abyss, we will see the enchanting beauty, soft winding around the serene mountain foot of the Nho Que river – one of the rivers has become a legend and become a symbol of the majestic Ha Giang plateau.
Originating from the Nghiem Son – Yunnan (China) mountains with an altitude of 1500m, flowing in the direction of Northwest – Southeast, Nho Que River has a poetic and mysterious beauty like shimmering, magical threads, virtual hidden among the rugged Northeast mountains.
Nho Que River flows into Vietnam from Se Lung village, Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district, passes Tu San gorge and runs along Ma Pi Leng pass. When it came to Meo Vac, it separated and flowed east-southeast into Cao Bang territory, eventually pouring water into Gam river, Adjacent to Cao Bang province, Nho Que river also has a tributary flowing into Nhiem River.
With extremely difficult terrain, Nho Que river valley is considered one of the deepest alleyes in Southeast Asia and one of the unique geological tectonic valleys in Vietnam. Walking on the top of four-season mountain pass floating in the clouds, looking down to the depth of thousands of meters deep, you can watch the green Nho Que river winding around the mountains and feel the grandeur of nature expressed through the expansion of the geological layers creating the gorge.
To explore the Nho Que river, you can ride a motorbike following the trails of indigenous people on the ridge running parallel to the river below, many sections have to take a detour because of the deep, high mountains. The narrow roads, precarious, rocky cat ears so that every turning, hugging makes the most stable drivers also hold their breath.
Overcoming tilting bends, jagged rock rapids is also the time we arrived at the shores of the Nho Que River. The two sides are steep, soaring cliffs forming a ravine that is both deep and narrow, the murmur of the water at the foot brings an indescribable feeling, joy and joy, and enjoy the cool air. cold from steam has just been seen the vast space of rocky clouds sky. Nho Que River has sections flowing through many layers of sharp cat ears forming white rapids. Countless bends, rocky beaches on the water, swirling, wailing like an aggressive, weird herd …
But there was also a quiet, flowing river, as dreaming as the girl’s endless cloudy hair. The section of Nho Que river flowing through the Tu San ravine and Ma Pi Leng pass is considered the most spectacular and poetic. River water brings a beautiful turquoise captivating heart, mixed with the green of the mountains to create a beautiful Ha Giang picture.
In summer, the whole sunny plateau burns like a giant painted fire. The living water source of the people at this time is very difficult. They can only rely on natural rivers and streams. Therefore, Nho Que River became a place where Mong children were bathing, girls, old women putting clothes and people took turns carrying water from here to daily life.

Not only providing water for daily life of people, Nho Nho river is also an important source of water for most of the terraced fields and fields of people living around this area.
With the poetic beauty of the majestic Ma Pi Leng pass, the legendary Nho Que river captivates many visitors every visit, every year, along with trips to the flower season , the rice season on the great plateau, people do not forget to give me a little time, overcome dangerous roads to the green river as to satisfy their desire to explore and conquer.
For many centuries, the majestic Nho Que River, with endless green color, quietly flows with time, merging with other rivers to sing the song of the country, adorning beautiful mountains, Became an indispensable expression of Ha Giang – a plateau in the first place of the country.

What to Expect
  • Conquer Ma Pi Leng majestic pass
  • Boat trip on Nho Que river
  • Experience in deepest abyss

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