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HOTLINE: (+84) 936 154 283 - (+84) 986 764 470

Visit Bat Trang ancient pottery

Experience at Bat Trang ancient pottery village

Bat Trang is an ancient pottery village with a history of over 1,000 years of establishment, along with the establishment of the ancient capital of Vietnam called Thang Long and this is also Hanoi capital today.
In order to create a ceramic product of the best quality, all processes and raw materials selection must be very careful, in the past, Bat Trang area had a huge clay mine of good quality, very suitable for production pottery, after obtaining a good soil sample, there are hundreds of processes to create a product, in which kneading, shaping, firing, creating enamel, drawing patterns are the stages that require carefulness. , meticulous and accurate.
Especially in Bat Trang pottery village, the shaping is all done by hand, the artisans use their hands and turntables to shape the products, thus requiring very professional skills. The creation of good enamel for the products has created a brand for Bat Trang pottery, many types of enamel water with very good quality and beautiful colors have affirmed the brand and satisfied all fastidious customers in countries and the world.
Once upon a time, Bat Trang pottery was used to serve the king of Vietnam, then developed strongly not only to serve domestic needs but also to export around the world and favored by customers.
Bat Trang pottery has three main types:
– Houseware
– Worship goods
– Decorations
Bat Trang pottery products are displayed at a famous market, Bat Trang pottery market, a familiar address of residents in the Red River Delta.
Visiting products, visiting the pottery making process of Vietnamese people and directly participating in the experience of handmade pottery is contributing to promoting the product, preserving and promoting values ​​of traditional culture of Vietnam.

What to Expect
  • Visit Bat Trang local pottery market
  • Try to make some pottery product with local artisan
  • Learn more culture and meaningful of Bat Trang product
  • Visit red river delta region and local daily life

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