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Tam Coc – a winding silk

Tam Coc glimpse

Tam Coc – Bich Dong tourist area currently has a natural area of ​​350.3 ha, located 2km from National Highway 1A, 7 km from Ninh Binh city, mainly in Ninh Hai commune (Hoa Lu). Like Trang An, to visit Tam Coc, visitors have to go by boat, down the romantic Ngo Dong river, clear water there to admire the 3 caves in turn. Tam Coc scenery stands out by a harmonious combination of stone and water. The mountains here have diverse shapes, one after another, one mountain after another.
The weather in Tam Coc and Bich Dong each has its own beauty. If you want to admire the whole green rice fields, then after Tet in February, March … the appropriate time. And you want to admire a beautiful picture Tam Coc golden rice crop season so early in early June.
Tam Coc – Bich Dong tourist area includes many sightseeing routes for yachts, bicycles and walking links about 20 tourist destinations. Main routes of the tourist area:

– Cruise routes include: Van Lam wharf route – Ngo Dong river – Tam Coc; Thach Bich – Sunny valley; Thung Nham valley – bird garden, But cave – Thien Ha cave …
– Hiking, bicycle and mountain tourism destinations: Mountains and Bich Dong Pagoda; Tien cave; Dance cave; Co Vien Lau ancient house; Thai Vi temple – Thien Huong cave …
Tam Coc, means “three caverns”, including Ca cave, Hai cave and Ba cave. All three caves are formed by the Ngo Dong river stabbing through the mountain. Tam Coc is the first cruise line to be exploited in Tam Coc – Bich Dong tourist area.

– Ca cave: 127 m long, through a big mountain, the cave gate is over 20 m wide. In the cave, the climate is quite cool and there are many stalactites hanging down with various shapes.
– Hang Hai: About 1 km from Ca cave, 60 m long, the cave ceiling has many strange hanging stalactites
– Hang Ba: near Hai cave, 50 m long, ceiling like a stone arch, lower than the other two caves.
Want to visit Tam Coc, visitors get off the boat from the central wharf. Boats take visitors on Ngo Dong river winding through cliffs, caves across the water, rice fields. Time to go and come back about 2 hours. The landscape of Tam Coc, especially on the two sides of the Ngo Dong River, can vary with the season of rice (green rice, yellow rice or silver water in the field).

Bich Dong – Xuyen Thuy Dong: located 2 km from Tam Coc wharf, meaning “green cave”. Bich Dong consists of a dry cave located on the middle of the mountain (making Bich Dong pagoda) and a water cave piercing the mountain bed (called Xuyen Thuy Dong). In front of the cave is a branch of Ngo Dong river winding on the ridge, across the river is a rice field.
Xuyen Thuy cave is a dark and submerged cave along the length of the Bich Dong massif. Xuyen Thuy acts as a semicircular stone tube of about 350 m long winding from the east to the west. Average width of Xuyen Thuy cave is 6m, the widest place is 15 m. The ceilings and walls of the cave are usually flat, creating like arranging each big stone into an arch of a bow, semicircular shape with various shapes.

There is also the Bich Dong Pagoda, an ancient temple associated with rocky mountains with an Asian style. The pagoda was built from the beginning of the Hau Le Dynasty. In the temple there is a large bell cast from the time of King Le Thai To, the tomb of the monks of the tower built the temple. During the Le Hien Tong period, the pagoda was restored and expanded, including Chua Ha, Chua Trung and Thuong Chua, spread on three mountain floors.
If you want to see the yellow color of the ripe rice field, the time between late May and early June is the time you should visit here. At that time, the image of green rice fields mixed with ripe yellow rice fields will create a picture with beautiful colors. After Tet is a time when you can admire the lush green fields stretching out to welcome the spring breeze.

What to Expect
  • Experience unique rowing boat trip
  • Enjoy stretch rice field both side tender river
  • Admire sparkling cave
  • Learn about local culture
  • Enjoy many beautiful scenery

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