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Quy Nhon Beach


Quy Nhon is beautiful and peaceful with a harmonious combination between mountains and the sea and the gentle and hospitable people. Discover this city, you not only see white sand, yellow sunshine, blue sea … but also learn about the ancient Cham cultural works associated with the history of this land.
As one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the South Central Coast with many ideal beaches such as Cat Tien, Nhon Hoi and Hai Giang. Here visitors can immerse themselves in the majestic natural scenery, the vast sea with sand dunes, islands filled with windy winds, interspersed with sparkling golden sand beaches.
Binh Dinh climate is characterized by humid tropical and monsoon with 2 distinct seasons in a year. The dry season starts from January to August and the rainy season lasts from September to December.
If you plan to travel to Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh, you should arrange to go from January to September, the weather is sunny and less rainy, the sea is quiet so you can go to some islands like Ky Co, Cu Lao Xanh, Hon Kho …
1 – Quy Nhon City Center Beach: Located right next to the city center, the beach bends under the crescent moon with gentle golden sand stretching 5 km from Tan to Ghenh Rang, Quy Nhon City.
2 – Twin Towers: Twin Towers, also known as Hung Thanh Tower, in J’rai called SRI BANOI is the tower of Champa including two towers, the north tower and the south tower side by side, currently in Dong Da ward, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province
3 – Quy Hoa Beach: Located along Quy Nhon – Song Cau road, Quy Hoa beach is like a poetic picture that nature has bestowed with beautiful, clean, long and beautiful beaches. Guests can enjoy playing with the waves or just take about 30 minutes by motorboat to the offshore islands to enjoy quiet and fresh space.
4 – Ky Co, Eo Gio: Located in Nhon Ly commune, about 25 km northeast of Quy Nhon, is a wild and charming landscape
5 – Hon Kho: Located about 6 km from Quy Nhon, Hon Kho Island is like a giant screen shielding the fishing village of Nhon Hai, to Hon Kho, do not miss visiting the fishing village of Nhon Hai, snorkeling and enjoying the islands, Fresh seafood dishes.
6 – Yen Island: On the towering mountain range of Phuong Mai peninsula, nature creates a beautiful painting with flocks of swallow flying in the sky. From the coastal city of Quy Nhon, looking to the east, a mountain range like a dinosaur stands out and shields big waves and high winds – it is Phuong Mai peninsula.
Nature here not only creates a beautiful picture, but also gives people a treasure that is nowhere to be found, swallow bird’s nest – an extremely valuable specialty that is loved all over the world.
7 – Ghenh Rang Tien Sa tourist area: In Tay Son, there is Ham Ho with fresh water lagoon and rocky mountains, Ghenh Rang is also attracting tourists with rocky blocks foaming by the sea, This place is not only famous for its beauty in the most outstanding type but also attracts visitors by the tomb of the famous poet “Han Mac Tu”.
At the top of Ghenh Rang, the stones lie funny playfully with time, the sea breeze and especially the human soul as more serene before the scenery at his feet ….
8 – Hoang Hau Beach: About 2 km from Quy Nhon city center, located in the Ghenh Rang tourist area, the beautiful Hoang Hau beach is charming and beautiful … as its name suggests.
Coming here, you will have a great feeling when you step on your bare feet on round, smooth, giant bird-like stones lying on the beach.
9 – Thi Nai Lagoon: With a length of over 10 km and a width of about 4 km, the largest Thi Nai lagoon in Binh Dinh has many famous seafood products. In the lagoon, there is a small mountain, on top is a small temple set up by fishermen to worship the god of water, the shape of the mountain is like an ancient tower, called the fortuneteller tower.
Tourists will enjoy when every morning, the light spread on the mangrove forests makes the surface magical, seductive.
10 – Xep Beach: is one of 16 places that has be voted by Business Insider, this place has a wild beauty with golden sand and natural rocks emerging from the sandy beach at low tide.
This is an ideal destination for those who love photography and want to leave the hustle and bustle of urban life.


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