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Hotline/WhatsApp: (+84) 936 154 283

Phu Yen Disc Rock Rapids


Phu Yen disc rock rapids

Like the pearl islands in Ireland or the disc rocks in Spain and Scotland, the Phu Yen Disc Rock is considered to be one of the most interesting natural phenomena in the world with prismatic stone blocks lined up as each other as editing, trimmed by humans so.
To reach Ganh Da Dia, visitors depart from Tuy Hoa city center, follow Highway 1A to Chi Thanh town, turn left and continue 12km to Ganh Da Dia.
Looking at Ganh Da Dia as a giant beehive reaching out to the sea, the black stones were neatly stacked against each other prominent among the deep blue sea. Disc Stone is created by the eruption of hot lava then shrinks to an interesting natural phenomenon. The scenery here is beautiful all year round but to ensure the most complete experience, tourists should avoid coming here during the rainy season from August to November, and reserve a room for a hotel in Phu Yen to avoid out of tourist rooms.
Nhan Tower
Nhan Tower is a typical symbol of Tuy Hoa city. Standing from the side of Nhan Mountain looking away, tourists can see the ancient Cham tower towering up before the eyes. Nhan Mountain is one of the highest mountains of Tuy Hoa City, a sacred place, a land of precious birds, every spring, birds gather here, singing in a sky.
Nhan Tower is located on the ground near the foot of the mountain. The tower floors are the same style and color, the higher you go, the smaller you get. Nhan Tower towards the East, the direction of the sun, towards the spirit, contains the meaning of a proliferating life.
Nhan Tower is considered a prominent cultural symbol that any tourist coming to Phu Yen has to set foot. At every Tet holiday, people here come to pray for a peaceful and happy life. It also organizes many traditional music and dance programs to serve tourists from near and far to visit.


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