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Phong Nha & Tien Son Cave

Phong Nha is a longest cave in the world

Phong Nha cave
Among the caves, Phong Nha really stands out with a survey length of nearly 8 km, mainly with underground rivers ranked as the longest underground river in the world.
Visitors take a motor boat to follow the Son River to Phong Nha cave. Son River is about 35-40 meters wide, blue water, clear through the bottom, clearly see the fish are swimming. The scenery of the Son river banks is like a huge picture, the daily life of riverside villages is filled with Vietnamese soul.
Coming to Phong Nha, you will feel very interesting, relaxed and comfortable. The air here is fresh and cool. On summer days, Quang Binh is very hot, but when enters the cave, the temperature is only about 17 – 19oC.
Boating more than 600m of water in the cave, visitors can enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of the Cave. Explore Bi Ky and Co Tien caves in turn to see the colorful stalactites and shapes, listen to the music in the wine party of the mountain god in the wind, admire the grandeur of the chambers and limestone corridors covered full of glitter stalactites, and the feeling of suspense as if lying at the mouth of a giant monster.

Tien Son Cave
After visiting Phong Nha cave, visitors often visit the dry cave which is Tien Son cave. Phong Nha – Tien Son is a twin of creation. Phong Nha – Tien Son is a unified whole. Located at an altitude of about 200m on the ceiling of Phong Nha cave, Tien Son cave has a length of 980m and does not combine with Phong Nha cave.
The road to Tien Son cave is beautiful, along the winding mountain cliffs. In the middle of the mountain, you can stop to take a look at a peaceful landscape of the quiet villages in the afternoon smoke, of the small fields alternating between winding hills and mountains, Chay stream and Trooc stream.
Setting foot in Tien Son cave, you will feel like you are stepping into heaven. Every place is a miracle created by nature. The natural features that are suddenly encountered constantly will make you a feeling from shock to charm. That is why it is said that if Phong Nha is as beautiful as the Aquarium, there is a Mermaid, Tien Son is the shadow of the reign of the Jade Emperor and fairies.

What to Expect
  • Visit longest underground cave
  • Visit dry cave with glitter stalactites and shapes
  • Experience an rowing boat trip on Son river
  • Admire grander beautiful landscape

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